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Previously we talked about how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will forever change retail and e-commerce businesses. As consumer behavior transforms and personalization marketing prevails, the next generation of AI-driven and behavior-based audience segmentation arrives.


Today, we’ll illuminate how to utilize your customer data to achieve hyper-personalized and effective marketing throughout the customer journey. With Clerk’s AI-enabled audience segmentation, you can not only effortlessly target and grow your ideal customer base, but also increase conversions, retention, and revenue.


In this post, we'll focus on a type of behavioral segmentation and corresponding marketing strategies that are based on customer lifecycles:


Let’s dive right in!

How to segment your customers according to lifecycles

Powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, Clerk offers diverse types of audience segmentation for varying marketing purposes, one of them being "customer lifecycles." As the following chart exhibits, Clerk makes it possible to segment customers based on their regular purchase patterns, ranging from Just Ordered, Active, Slipping Away to Lost.


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Through using historical and real-time customer behavioral data, Clerk can help identify and segment your customers based on their engagement with your brand.


Below, we’ll also show you four ways to create your next marketing initiative in accordance with a specific customer lifecycle.

New customers: Turn first-time buyers into repeat customers

It's common for many businesses that a significant portion of their customers, unfortunately, only purchase from them once and never come back. Yet, one-time/first-time buyers are a gold mine for identifying potential repeat customers 💰. Plus, it's much easier and cheaper to convert an existing customer than to find a new one.


As the chart below shows, after a customer placed the first purchase from your webshop, you can personalize a welcome email and include a discount code to enhance customer retention. In doing so, the likelihood that the new customer will return to your shop and become a repeat buyer increases.



Active customers: Make your loyal customers feel special

According to the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule), 20% of your top loyal customers tend to represent 80% of your revenue. Therefore, it's vital to make your loyal customers feel special 🥰 and nurture them with tailored offers and products (see figure below). Doing so allows you to build deeper customer affinity and maximize customer retention and revenue 🚀.



Customers slipping away: Activate re-engaging campaigns

Clerk's AI-driven segmentation features can automatically filter customer engagement through our innovative algorithms and identify customers that are slipping away. As displayed in the figure below, once identified, this group of customers can be targeted through both personalized emails and Facebook ads, incentivizing re-engagement with special offers and discount promotions 🛍.


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Lost customers: Launch win-back campaigns

Did you know that your inactive or lost customers might come back if you simply remind them of your presence 👋?


Reactivating lost customers is one of the most effective ways to generate additional sales and revenue. As the following chart presents, after segmenting your inactive customers, you can launch a win-back campaign to remind them of your brand and reactive their journey with you.




Last but not least, Clerk offers real-time audience insights that can also serve as actionable feedback for your e-commerce business to better understand your lifecycle segments and their value to your business (see figure below) 💡. Let Clerk’s analytics take your business to the next level!


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Here's what Pierguido, the CEO of Ecomarket, has to say about Clerk’s segmentation magic:


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