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Black Friday is just around the corner. And this, dear reader, is the golden opportunity for you to push sales through the roof and beyond.


Did you know that the most popular time in the UK for people to shop on Black Friday last year was at the end of the workday?


At 4:38pm to be exact.


You can just imagine that after a long day of work, the tingle you get from purchasing something you wanted badly for a bargain is just what is needed. So this is your chance. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of Black Friday and join the frenzy to boost sales.


Let me share my little secrets, but do not tell anybody, it’s just between us, deal?


People are ready to spend money


Everyone knows this is the time when companies are offering huge discounts, so people are genuinely ready to spend money. Especially given when Christmas is so close. Most people can’t escape it, to be honest. Just think about this: Black Friday spending increased by 8% in 2017 from the previous year. Just imagine how great it’ll be this year. I personally can’t wait to spend my hard earned cash.


Say bye-bye to slow-selling stock


Black Friday is a good time to push products that people aren’t buying as much. That way nothing goes to waste and you don’t lose your investment.


Rebranding is a great strategy to re-introduce those products. Throw in a discount price and just watch those products fly off those virtual shelves on a day that everyone is looking for a bargain no matter what it is.


Use the good goods to draw them in


While this is the perfect opportunity to sells the slow stuff, you’ve got to match that with popular products; those products that are usually on the higher end of the price spectrum, the ones that are really coveted, in-demand and bestsellers. Otherwise, you risk selling neither and missing out on a pot of gold.


Everything doesn’t have to be at its lowest price ever


The beauty of Black Friday is that it offers consumers amazing deals to save money in the midst of a season that is so costly, it’s criminal. It pays off to keep up with competitors to maintain your customer base, but if you have a smaller webshop, you can have a smaller Black Friday range with a selection of key merchandise. Just make sure it’s products people actually want to buy.


Throw in recommendations at regular prices


I know everyone is looking for a bargain. But in the same way brick and mortar stores do with their sales, you can add great regular priced items to the mix through recommendations. I mean, if you are able to sell new collections while you are it, why not?

Work these simple tips into your Black Friday strategy this year and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your conversion rates and increasing sales. Check out our Black Friday Money Making Handbook!


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