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Birthdays are one of the few special occasions that you can’t say were created by greeting cards companies to increase revenues. That being said, who doesn’t love receiving something on their very own day?


That’s fine and dandy when it’s from someone we know, but when it’s sent from a business, we tend to expect something more. I know it may sound selfish to want a special offer on top of the already kind message, but think of it as a reciprocal gesture, important for customer relationship management.


Any time you send out campaigns for sales and special offers you are using reciprocity, so why would you bother with birthday emails on top?


Birthday emails have 179% higher click rate than regular
email offers


We already know personalisation marketing is successful, just look at the effect of personal recommendations. Not to mention using first names to build rapport, this is just another part of that.

So how can we optimise these emails?

Use their name in the subject line of the email - it’s personal!
 But DON’T include their age, this can be a sensitive issue and you’re here to make them feel good!
 Make the message short and sweet, this is about the CUSTOMER (and you too, but don’t let them in on that)
 Have a clear Call-To-Action so they can make use of the offer
 Automate the emails (these are meant to be an easy way to increase conversions so make it as easy as possible to implement)
 Send reminders

Send reminders?

It may seem strange to follow up after you’ve sent a birthday wish, but it can increase conversions by 20%. Customers may forget your great gift in the midst of their birthday celebrations and sending a follow-up message a few weeks after can pay off for both sides.

So, what’s the best offer to give?

You can offer a money off coupon, freebie or a mystery gift. Mystery gifts (think online scratch cards) actually offer the highest revenue, perhaps because they play on our natural curiosity. Either way, because it encourages direct interaction, to click-to-reveal, you are more likely to get them into your site than with a simple flyer message.


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The birthday wishlist 

Another way to stand out from the other birthday messages being sent, is NOT to send on their actual birthday. Your customer may be inundated with other messages on this day, we have already suggested using follow-up mails but there’s another solution.

Send a wishlist a few weeks prior to your customer’s birthday. It gets them into your webshop to curate a list of any products they are wanting for - it can also give you valuable information to design special offers, but it’s even more clever than that. By encouraging them to share the list with their friends you can expand your customer base too.

Other ways 

Sending birthday greetings may be the epitome of personalised campaigns but data on customer birthdays is not always collected. In most cases, it is something you don’t need to know, so how else can you make “just for you” campaigns?

You may not have a customer’s date of birth, but you can log the date they join your loyalty programme or make their first purchase. For especially loyal customers you can acknowledge milestones such as amount of points collected or years of loyalty. And, unlike with birthdays, you can mention numbers here.


There’s 5x higher transaction rate from birthday and
anniversary emails compared to regular email offers


These campaigns are designed to make customers feel like they’re special but don’t forget that they can mean a lot for you too. It doesn’t have to mean offering huge discounts, a small gesture goes a long way - especially when a customer knows that they have been personally targeted. Set, forget and reap the rewards.

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