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As a fast-growing SaaS platform for e-commerce personalization, just received the Børsen Gazelle 2021 award 🏆! It’s an award given by Børsen, a Danish financial newspaper, to companies that achieved exceptional growth over a 4-year interval.




This is a prestigious prize and a great honor. We cannot be more excited and prouder to have received it once again. 🥳 Over the years, thanks to our successful products, amazing employees, hard work, and great cooperation with our customers, Clerk has grown into the world’s #1 rated e-commerce personalization platform.

What is the Børsen Gazelle award?

Since 1995, the daily Børsen has identified Denmark’s business growth elites every year. The selection is based on a number of objective criteria and data from the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. To be specific, the criteria for being a gazelle are:

  • Corporate form: Public limited company or private limited company
  • Lines of business: particular lines of business are eliminated (e.g., holding companies)
  • Activity: revenue of DKK 1 million/DKK ½ million in gross profit
  • Profitability: the sum of operating profit > 0
  • Growth in 4 years: > 100 percent

In short, the definition of a gazelle is: "A business which has achieved continuous growth in revenue or gross profit for the last four financial years, and which has, in total, at least doubled the revenue or the gross profit in the period 📈💰."

A recent example: Our achievements on Black Friday 2021

The week of Black Friday 2021 was a huge success for both Clerk and our customers. Our customers made a ton of sales – in total, they have had 15.83 million orders on Black Friday and 23.41 million orders over Black Week. And in the busiest minute, our customers got up to 489.000 orders.


To help our customers accomplish these achievements:

  • Clerk served 73.260.000 searches and recommendations combined on Black Friday (1 day).
  • Clerk served 253.900.000 searches and recommendations combined over the Black Week (7 days).
  • Clerk served 34.080.000 email recommendations over Black Week (7 days).


Most importantly, Clerk had NO downtime and NO decrease in performance at any time. It means that our system was 100% stable and performed at 100% during the entire Black Week 😎.

Our growth journey: The gazelle that keeps chasing next-level growth

This year, employees at Clerk have every reason to feel proud. Despite challenges posed by the global pandemic, still managed to achieve impressive and continuous growth over the past years and got recognized again with a Børsen Gazelle award. This is also a clear sign that is moving towards a positive and promising future🤩. Being part of this fast-growing company, our employees cannot be more thrilled and look at the smiles on our faces 🥰👇:




Wait a moment...did you know how got started?


If not, check out the interview with the founder and CEO of, Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard, to uncover our journey to today’s success:



At Clerk, we look forward to the future and strive to live up to the "gazelle company” title by continuously helping e-commerce businesses grow with cutting-edge AI technologies.


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