Voice Search - The New Trend or just a Hype?

Is voice search really the future of search? Or is it a temporary hype we all must go through in order to get to the next phase of technology? The answer is neither. Voice search is not the future because it has been here under our nose for quite some time now. In the last few years, it has been quietly growing and has been taking over the search market. It all started already in 2008, when Google launched it. Since then it made its way into the consumers' households and minds. 

What exactly is voice search and why is it so important to follow? 

The way consumers search has changed. Instead of typing a question into your mobile phone or computer, you say the question out loud and Google presents the answer. But why do we do this? What has changed that we suddenly feel the urge to talk to technology?

Voice Search Statistic

If your company is not following that trend, then you will probably get overrun pretty soon by those who decided to go with it. Already, 50% of all searches are voice searches. And voice-based shopping is expected to increase to $40 billion in 2022. It will turn digital marketing upside down. 

"We are now witnessing a new shift in computing: the move from a mobile-first to an AI-first world."


- Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google


Technology has changed and improved itself. People are way more mobile-driven which makes it easier to search for something by voice. You simply have to speak to your phone and ask for something. Searching with voice is 3.7x faster. Which also means that consumers will receive their answers faster. Nowadays, time is rather costly for people, thus voice search is more convenient. Local-based shops benefit a lot from those voice searches because voice search users are increasingly searching for local results. It is quicker and easier to ask a question that ends with “near me” than typing it. Plus, one is more likely to voice search something close by. 


Voice Search has changed where people search as well because it is being used more and more outside of peoples' homes. Therefore, it is more likely that voice search will be used in public places instead of private ones. 

Voice Search 2020 Statistics


Voice search is rather conversational and natural. The top three phrases are “how”, “what” and “best”. As said before, voice search makes use of the natural language and will change SEO. Therefore, it is of high essence to optimize your website. The best way to adapt to the new trend and to get more traffic to your website is by making use of a natural conversational tone. Focus less on keywords and focus more on user intent. Also, make use of longer tail keywords and contextual answers. Additionally, the chances are higher that your website will be selected for a voice search query, when the page has more social shares


As you can see, it is not just a hype, voice search is a legit trend that you cannot hide from. So, get on board and join the future. Otherwise, the train will leave you behind. 


  • Voice-enabled shopping has become more and more appealing in the last few years.

  • Voice search should be at the heart of customer experience strategy. 

  • Introduction of voice search has redefined the shopping experience. 


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