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Back in 2019, Forbes called for AI-powered intelligent commerce search and anticipated that it was on the way.


Today, it has already been a reality 🌟. Clerk Search is an intelligent search engine built just for e-commerce, which makes it possible to personalize search experiences and always show the most relevant products that actually convert 🛒 !


The e-commerce world is evolving year on year. Are you curious about: What is the state of e-commerce site search How important is it to your e-commerce business? And what are the future trends?


Look no further – we’ve compiled these 26 e-commerce search stats and trends that will both shock and amaze you 😎


Let's dive right in!

The state of e-commerce search


  1. 87% of shoppers begin their product searches online.


  1. 64% of people use search to address the "I-want-to-buy" moment.


  1. Up to 30% of visitors use a site search box when one is offered.


  1. 84% of customers want to find a solution by themselves using search engines.


  1. Nearly 84% of companies do not actively optimize or measure their on-site search.


  1. Still, 70% of desktop e-commerce search implementations are unable to return relevant results for product-type synonyms.


  1. Not all e-commerce sites can process complex search queries. For example, a 2021 study conducted on e-commerce sites in Nordic countries showed that only 11% of users would see results matching their entered search queries.


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  1. Autocomplete can boost sales and conversions by as much as 24%

The importance and benefits of using site search


  1. Internal on-site search is a must-have feature for e-commerce websites, as 43% of users on retail websites go directly to the search bar.


  1. In general, site searchers are 2-3x more likely to convert.


  1. Think with Google finds out that 39% of purchasers are influenced by a relevant search.


  1. In most cases, conversion rates nearly doubled from customers who used on-site search and found what they were looking for. And as for Amazon, its conversion rate shoots up 6x when visitors do a search (2% → 12%).


  1. On some sites, searchers account for roughly 40% of total revenue.


  1. Don’t want to lose your customers? 👉 Provide an excellent search experience. Because as many as 68% of shoppers would NOT return to a site that provided a poor search experience.


  1. Consumers who use search are 4x more likely to buy. Searchers also drive more revenue, spending 2.6x more across mobile and desktop than those who don't use search.


  1. Site search optimization can drive a 43% increase in conversion rates.


  1. After Vitarock optimized its internal site search with Clerk, 49% of its customers buy products via search. And after using Clerk Search, the likelihood of customers converting increases by 12.9x.


  1. Despite all the above-mentioned conversion potentials, only 15% of companies have resources dedicated to optimizing site search. This points to an opportunity for you to stay ahead of the game: optimize your internal site search today with Clerk’s AI-powered intelligent search engine!

Top trends: Mobile search & voice search


  1. Mobile as a share of total e-commerce is projected to reach 72.9% worldwide by this year.


  1. Mobile searches for “online shopping” have grown 180% in the past two years.


  1. Voice-based shopping is expected to increase to $40 billion in 2022! Some experts project that voice commerce, or voice-based shopping, will be the future of digital shopping.


  1. 71% of consumers prefer using voice search to conduct a query over the traditional method of typing ️ .


  1. People love using voice search. Because it's more convenient and it works just as fine as a desktop search. Statistically speaking, nearly 75% of voice search results will rank in the top 3 positions for a particular question on a desktop search.


  1. 52% of voice-assistant users say they use voice tech several times a day or nearly every day, compared to 46% before the COVID outbreak.


  1. 91% of companies are making significant investments in voice search.


📰 Learn more about the latest facts and trends of voice search right here.


  1. A few leading retailers have started to apply search data to inform their business strategies and have seen excellent outcomes. Unfortunately, when I say a few, I really mean it - Only 7% of companies report learning from site search data and using that data in other areas of their business.


👉 With Clerk Search, you can utilize real-time search analytics and insights to drive performance and inform future business strategies. In specific, you can better understand customers’ current buying interests by analyzing what they're searching for and uncover lost sales opportunities by analyzing non-converting searches:




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