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In the world of social media with the constant flow of instantaneous updates, do you fear that your content isn’t getting the notice it should?


Pay Attention to me


Everyone and I mean, everyone, is on social media nowadays so chances are your consumers are on there too.


Interaction with your consumers on social media can encourage them to purchase from your e-commerce. Don’t be fooled, it is a crazy place so you can’t just expect to create a profile and set up automated posts and be done with it. On that, you are sadly mistaken.


Here’s how you can go about incorporating social media into your e-commerce and vice versa.


And We’re Live


With live videos overtaking other types of online videos, this is a great way to attract an audience. It is a full-proof way to make your potential consumers feel connected to your e-commerce.


Being present will engage your audience and the reasoning behind them tuning into your videos? Information makes the world go round. The latest news and events are followed through updates and it creates a buzz.


There are many ideas for live videos, some being; product demos, announcements and events so while you take care of how to promote your webshop, can help you increase your sales.

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Anc Action


Posts - Go Big Or Go Home


Using keywords or hashtags in your posts can increase their visibility ergo you can reach a larger audience than just your followers. Visual elements help a ton so use them to your advantage. Grab the eye of that busy, thumb scroller!


Talking about catching eyes, read this next point…


Image-based content is naturally more engaging than some boring text. Still don’t think so? Let's look at it in another way; work for a week or the Caribbean for a week? No brainer. Make your images shareable on sites that favour image-driven marketing and you’ll see for yourself the results of this minor change you’ve made.


Go big or go home


Consistency Is Key


Posting on your social medias on a regular basis improves consumer engagement and drive more traffic to your e-commerce. The key is to show your audience that you’re interested in sharing valuable content. Keep it short and sweet - concise and compelling updates attract more engagement on social media. That pop is easily digestible to a consumers eye.



Integrating social media into your marketing mix is vital for your e-commerce in order to be competitive. Using them correctly improves; brand awareness, traffic and conversion, loyalty and ultimately, the success of your e-commerce.


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