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Looking at the past, it’s easy to see clear eras - the stone age, the bronze age or the industrial revolution. It may not be so easy to see what moniker we will be given in the history books of the future, for one thing we’re all vastly different people living vastly different lives. So what’s our defining theme?

We are living in the electronic age, but that’s no reason not to also make it an age of humanisation. We are somehow more and more disconnected in a world of so-called social networks and easy communication. So, in this post we’re going to look at ways to humanise your e-commerce site, not just to improve user experience but also because, afterall, we are only human.

There are different approaches to offering the human touch to your business, be it emulated or real. We have come up with a list of the ways we think are most important. In no particular order they are: -


•  Keep things simple •  Segment your audience
• Make every encounter count • Offer human contact
• Find your niche • Communicate
• Mind your manners  • Get personal



Those are the headlines so let’s take a closer look at what they each mean.

Keep things simple 

From the start of your customer’s journey with you (entering the webshop), to the end
(transactional process) make things easy for your customer. That means making your
webshop easy to search by:- offering personalised recommendations, 
showing clear
photographic representations of your products and using clear language both in your
webshop and emails.

Make every encounter count

Many businesses understand the need to make first-time buyers feel important, it's a
way of enticing them. However, loyal and long-term customers are sometimes forgotten
about and taken for granted. Don’t get complacent with any of your customers! Treat
them all like VIPs and they may begin to act like them.

Find your niche 

This isn’t really about finding a unique or untapped area of the market to start selling from.
In fact it has little to do with your products at all, finding your niche is about realising your
own company’s value. What makes you, you and sets you apart from competitors is
humanising in its very nature.

Mind your manners 

Manners cost nothing but mean everything. So the saying goes, and it isn’t bad advice. 
Adding welcome and thank you templates to your automated email flows adds a polite
touch. Even still, don’t forget to keep it casual. We aren’t robots and we shouldn’t be
speaking like them either.

Segment your audience 

Recognise individual needs of your audience and communicate with them accordingly.
74% of customers get frustrated with wrong recommendations and a whopping 25%
of customers would give up chocolate for a whole month (yes, really!) in return for
properly personalised content in their emails. You don’t want to be seen as a pest, so
make sure that you’re targetting the right content at the right customers. This can be
one of the most labour intensive parts of marketing but the impact can be great, so it
may be worth your while to consider automated options.

Read about more ways to segment your audience here.

Offer human contact 

FAQs, email communication and chat-bots all offer solutions for quick queries and
problems, but don’t be so quick to kill off your real-life customer support team. Do we
need to spell out why having a real human, humanises your business?

And don't forget, even when using non-human communication, keep your language
casual and simple.


Communication is key. No really, it is. You can’t expect your customers to know about
your great offers or service if you don’t tell them about it. Check in on your customers
at regular intervals to increase familiarity with your brand and to keep it at the forefront
of your customers' minds.

Get personal 

Not too personal (remember your GDPR compliance!) but personal enough to show
that you don’t see any of your customers as just another number on a bill. 

In email, putting a name in the subject line can increase the chance of the message
opened by as much as 26%. Personalised content also has a 41% higher
than non-personalised content and can lead to double the
transaction rates of non-personalised content.


There are many ways to humanise, even in this electronic age. The main theme really amounts to making yourself accessible through a strong sense of identity and with clear communication - all while remaining casual.


There are many ways that you can consider implementing each or every one of these tips, including platforms that help you to automate these practices. It can seem like a lot to take on board for any size ecommerce site and set and forget products for personalisation and segmenting can help lighten the load.


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