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Getting sales is the number one benefit of running an e-commerce. Anyone can tell you that, whether they’re in the business or not. They can also probably tell you that your e-commerce can plateau or even decline if you’re not getting enough sales.


It’s essential that you keep up with trends so that you and your business can reap the rewards. So if you’re having trouble coming up with ways to overcome your low sales then have no fear, for I am here. See what I did there …


No fear


Personalise to Revitalise


I’ve blabbed on a lot in previous posts about personalisation and there is a reason for that.

It works.

It drives online sales and using behavioural data to track your consumers’ moves is the way to do it. You see their past actions and you work your e-commerce to fit them. Personalisation can lift sales to at least 10% and if you need any help with that, check out




You’ve probably heard of this term a lot in your e-commerce career and again, you probably understand that for many businesses, it can be a more effective way to up your sales game than trying to gain new consumers. Sometimes your current consumers don’t know that a certain product is available or they simply need that little nudge to understand that they can upgrade their purchase.


A key factor to make sure that your upselling actually helps out with overcoming your low sales is to relate your upsells to the original product. Emphasise the difference and the consumer will upgrade.


On the other hand...


Be The Predator


By this I mean, anticipate. Just like a lion would in the bush, fair enough, you’re not going to jump out and attack your consumer but you’ve got to be one step ahead. Always.




Evaluate your market demand and see if expanding your product line is worth your efforts. Use different approaches to this strategy; keywords and social media are good indicators to help you along with this.


With this little list of tactics and there are plenty more out there, use them to increase your low sales.

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