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Are you worried that your email campaigns aren’t effective? You might even think they’re not being opened.


Open rates are always tough to get a grasp of but once you do, your email campaigns will take off and help you out with your e-commerce.


Here are some simple ways on increasing your low open rates.


Informality can sometimes be a  good thing


Just like this blog, being informal can be good. When talking about banal things, it is good to avoid the corporate jibber jabber. Make your emails more personal. Take ‘Hey’ followed by the name of the consumer for example, it’s much more friendly and inviting. A simple change to your emails can avoid it being deleted from your consumers’ inbox without being opened.




Nowadays, everyone is looking for a reason to ignore emails, so being on a personal level with your consumers will make you stand out from the crowd.




So what happens once you’ve got your consumer to even open your email? Yes, your rates may have risen but what if your content isn’t up to par?


Run over what you’ve got going on in your email - make sure it’s interesting, engaging and informative. While you're making these tweaks, why not let Clerk.io give you a helping hand with your sales.


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We’ve all heard of the saying, quality over quantity and that couldn’t be more true. Consumers don’t want to be bombarded so think about sending high quality emails, less frequently. It’s probably one of the best ways to infuse an increase in open rates.





Timing always has a huge effect on whether your consumers open your email. To figure out whether they are, you should run some tests to figure out when your consumers open emails the most.


Some of the best times to send your emails out is on weekdays, which is obvious. Who wants to be bothered on the weekend? But saying that, there is not one specific day. Let’s summarise. The response to your email is subjective to your e-commerce, you need to trial when is best for your business.




These ideas of marketing can only help your open rates increase. Don’t get disheartened, you just need to figure out which ways you should implement these ideas into your e-commerce to drive up your open rates. Give yourself time and experiment, remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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