The 3 Best Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment This Season

Last night I was in bed doing one of my favorite self-care activities. I was listening to my new podcast obsession—shout out to The Read—and browsing a couple of sites looking for a new pair of jeans at a reasonable price AND of durable material that the chub rub won't wear down in 2.5 seconds (quite a task, I assure you. But that’s a rant for another day.)

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As it happens, one of these web shops didn’t get my money. This morning, one of the first posts on my Instagram feed was a carousel of product suggestions from the shop I didn’t buy from. And I’ve got to say, for such a popular shop, their recommendation algorithm is trash. The first product suggestion was something I’d already bought from them months ago, and the rest weren’t exactly things I was interested in.


But alas, this isn’t about my grievances with these businesses. It is about how you can turn window shoppers into paying shoppers and do it right. Because—clutch your pearls!—only 5% of visitors on your site will end up adding products to their cart, and from that, only 1%, I repeat, 1% will actually complete the purchase.


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So what do you do about the 4% not going through with the transactions?


 email product retargetingAttracting new customers is much more costly than engaging with existing ones or even reconnecting with dormant ones. That is why product retargeting emails are critical to your email campaign. They are automated emails sent out to customers who added products to their carts but didn’t go through with the purchase. They remind customers of the products they viewed and liked, other items that might interest them (upsell opportunity) and get them to revisit your site.


Abandoned carts! They are a pain in every merchant’s behind. And with reason. All of 69% of shoppers abandon their carts. To really paint the picture, that is equal to $4 trillion worth of abandoned products. But hey, the silver lining is that 63% of that can potentially be recovered. Product retargeting results in 90x more orders per email opened than regular mass email campaigns.


To that end, here are some of the best tips you should do for successful email retargeting.




We’ve talked extensively about the powers of personalization like it's a mystical, all-resolving superpower but it is such a critical aspect of connecting with your customers that it can’t be said enough. Recommending items based on the customer’s history not only makes the customer feel appreciated and valued, but it also allows you to casually upsell other products the customer might like based on their shopping history and tastes all in one retargeting email.’s Email feature integrates seamlessly with most platforms and designs and provides failproof personalized email recommendation.


Hit up social media 

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Email retargeting is very successful, but sometimes it’s easier to reach some customers through social media. Granted, it can be costly compared to emails, but it can be very effective. Just look at the webshop I mentioned earlier. Had their recommendations on my Instagram feed been more tailored, it would have been successful at getting me to revisit their site. After all, I did take the time to swipe through all the pictures. Now, say it with me: PERSONALIZATION! If you are going to invest the money in social media ads, you might as well do it right.


It’s about the right time

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This applies to so many things in life, why would email retargeting be any different? Everyone is not checking their inbox at the same time, so the right time will vary from customer to customer. Most platforms will allow you to set an email delay for the retargeting email to be sent however many hours after the customers first abandon their carts. That way you have the freedom to try different times and see what gives you the best results.


While most people shop like crazy during the holiday season, they are most likely shopping for others. As a result, you are likely to see a high number of abandoned products in their carts. Not because they don’t want them but because most shoppers don’t tend to splurge on themselves during this time. Product retargeting is one of the surest ways to guarantee they will return to buy those products and more. Throw in some personalization and you are good to go.


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