Abandoned cart emails can increase your sales and customer retention by getting otherwise lost customers back. Here's your 4 steps to create the perfect abandoned cart email.

When the eCommerce community debate how to build a successful online business, we quickly focus on aspects such as optimising conversion rates and average order value.

You could call this the glass half full-approach.

The primary focus is to turn visitors into (the best possible) customers once they land on your site, which is both sensible and constructive.

But however relevant this approach is, it doesn't offer the complete solution to building a successful eCommerce business. Unfortunately.

Because no matter how well you analyse your sales funnel and tweak your personal product recommendations, most customers will still leave your webshop before completing their order.

...Or as Cartman would put it:

Many surveys have tried to uncover the whys and hows behind this fact.

This have resulted in many random statistics - for example that most customers will abandon their shopping cart on Thursdays between 8 and 9 pm.

But they have also resulted in more tangible statistics, such as this:

More than 65% of customers will leave their shopping cart during check-out, which results in $18 billion of lost revenue every year on a global level.

Studies also show that 44% of these customers leave due to high shipping costs, but that more than 25% merely leave because life intervenes.

So lets just chew on that fact for a moment.

1 in every 4 customers leaving your eCommerce store during check-out will do so for reasons completely unrelated to your business and the products you sell...


A little wild, right? But come to think of it, most online shoppers will be able to recognise this...

You browse around on a webshop, when suddenly you realise that you forgot to walk the dog, wash the dishes or to prepare for your grandmother's visit.

The good news here is that most of these lost customers can be persuaded to return if asked nicely. And getting just a fraction of them back can make a huge difference for your business.

But annoyingly these lost customers don't magically return by themselves.

There's really no other way to go about this than to invest time and elbow grease in getting them back youself...

And the best way to reactivate your lost customers is by sending them personalised abandoned cart emails to rekindle their interest in what you sell and make them return to your eCommerce store. Here's why:

Abandoned cart emails have an average click-through rate of 13,3%.

Setting up an abandoned cart email flow is thus both a service to your customers and a smart move on your part in order to increase your sales and customer loyalty.

Here are 4 steps you need to follow when creating your abandoned cart email flow:

1. The first 48 hours count

It's no coincidence that 66,5% of eCommerce businesses send out their abandoned cart emails within the first 48 hours.

If you haven't managed to get your customer back within the first 48 hours, chances are that he has lost interest or found what he needed somewhere else.

To avoid this, it's a good idea to be tenacious from the get-go as this will increase your chances of getting your customer's attention.

Tenacious in this context means sending your lost customer 3 emails in the first 48 hours after he has abandoned his shopping cart.

You send the first email 1 or 2 hours after he has left your site and follow that email up after 12 or 24 hours or 24 and 48 hours depending on how aggressive you wish to be.

If none of these emails peak the interest of your customer, he is most likely not interested.

However, you may consider giving it one last shot by sending him another email at the next coming payday.

2. Be nice

Next, it's important that you address your customers in a friendly manner when sending out abandoned cart emails.

Rest assured that your customers will be less likely to return to your webshop if the email is too pushy or perhaps even slightly accusatory.

Never make your customer feel like he should explain why he left his shopping cart behind.

Your job is to kindly remind him that you set it aside for him and make it easy for him to finish his purchase if he wants to.

Your customer will feel more inclined to take another look at his basket if he feels that you are sending this email primarily as a service to him.

The trick is to adopt a humorous and casual tone in your email.

Also, consider how you can deliver your message in a way that makes it stand out from the hundreds of other emails your customer receives every week.

Notice how Chubbies Shorts have managed to do this:

3. A sense of urgency

Yet, even though you need to sugarcoat your abandoned cart emails, you also need to instil a sense of urgency that makes your customer want to return sooner rather than later.

You can achieve this by simply not disclosing for how long you will save his shopping cart.

The fact that your customer can't know if he'll be able to finish his order tomorrow instead of right now, gives him a good reason to return to your webshop immediately.

Like kate spade you can also choose to instil a sense of urgency by including a discount code that is valid for a limited period of time only.

4. Include personal product recommendations

A final strategy to make your customer return to your webshop is to include personal product recommendations in the abandoned cart emails.

By recommending your customer relevant products based on his browsing history, you trigger his interest and give him even more incentive to finish or perhaps expand his order.

So, yes. In running a successful eCommerce business you definitely need to focus on how to optimise your conversion rates and increase your average order value.

But another very important aspect is to have a strategy for getting lost customers back.

After all, more than 65% of all customers going through your check-out system will leave without completing their order.

In this connection, an abandoned cart email flow is an important tool to reduce the number of lost customers. To properly utilise this tool, however, it's important to:

1. Focus on getting your customer back within the first 48 hours.
2. Address your customer in a friendly and forthcoming manner.
3. Instil a sense of urgency to make your customer more likely to return.
4. Include personal product recommendations to peak your customer's interest.

With our email retention software, you'll be able to design personalised and fully automated abandoned cart emails, which will increase your sales and customer loyalty.

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