As the Brazilian retail industry battled its way out of decline, the true spirit of resilience shone through as Relva Verde joined forces with to strengthen customer experience and bring back those happy shoppers.

Relva Verde marked the first Brazilian Client in's portfolio, and we were only too pleased to welcome them onboard with some very promising sales figures!


Relva Verde specialise in supplying vitamins and natural supplements, but the economic crisis in Brazil strongly affected the retail sector and made the ability to convert browsing customers a hugely important factor.

By focusing on strong and valuable interactions each and every time a customer engaged, both onsite and beyond, Relva Verde were able to prove their advantage over the competition and secure new sales with a strong personalisation strategy.


With personalised product recommendations in a focal position on the homepage, Relva Verde were able to immediately show passing customers that they understood not just the strengths of their own product range, but also that they valued the shopper's time by helping to present items in an efficient manner.

Knowledge of your own customer base is essential when deciding which recommendations will be suitable at different stages of the customer shopping journey.


Bringing best selling items, trending items or new arrivals to the forefront of product display increases the likelihood of a quick sale. After all, best selling items are statistically your most commonly sold products, so why not tap into this knowledge and raise their profile with potential buyers.

This concept works particularly well as a Power Step at the basket stage, and can help to harness those last minute extra sales.


A strong personalisation strategy looks not only at onsite behaviour, but the whole range of customer to brand interactions.

It's possible to be really quite creative with how you optimise for a personalised shopping experience, so remember to trial, innovate and just have fun in the process!

The full article mapping Relva Verde's partnership with can be found here