One search engine feature can increase your sales and collection of happy customers by making it easier for them to quickly find what they need.

86% of us use Google search when browsing the internet.

In other words, we've grown accustomed to finding by searching.

This means that much depends on the quality of your search engine, when you want to give your customers a smooth and second to none user experience that makes them convert.

Sell more faster with live search

And live search is a feature that very much defines how quickly your customers find what they came for.


With live search, your customers can skip the category pages altogether by choosing from a list product recommendations that appears the second they start typing their search query.

Why live search will make you sing in the shower

But is this feature really so important?


Live search is crucial because it significantly reduces the time your customers need to spend on your webshop.

Just imagine a customer wanting to buy a surfboard on a webshop that doesn't support live search.

He types and types, but unlike the search experience he's used to from Google, time stands still until he hits the search button.

Only then is your customer presented with the longboard category from where he needs to pick and choose from a list of many options.


And even though this extra step may not sound like much, you need to remember that the more complicated the shopping journey gets for this customers, the more likely he is to take his surf board shopping somewhere else.

Don't settle with less!

Now, it's important to note that not just any live search function will do the trick.

In fact, a live search function with generic recommendations will do more harm than good, because your customers will get annoyed if the recommendations are irrelevant to their needs.

This is why you need to make sure that your search engine has the intelligence to not just base its live search recommendations on what your customers type (which is what most search engines do).

Rather, your search engine should combine this information with the shopping patterns of that individual customer as well as the current trends on your webshop and market.


In our experience, this will make 83% of your customers find what they need in the top 5 results.

And this means that most customers responding to your live search, will be able to find what they need in just 2 clicks.

Happy days, indeed.