95% of your customers will leave your eCommerce store if they search for a product that your search engine can't find. One feature is crucial to prevent this from happening...

We all do it once in a while. Accidentally misspell or mistype a word when searching online.

But that's okay. Because as the seasoned Google-searchers we have become, we have gotten used to this:


Google is smart. So even though we misspell or make a typo, they automatically adapt the search result to make it match what we intended to search for.

The same thing happens when we text on our smart phone. The phone will detect the errors we make and automatically correct them (sometimes to the right words, sometimes not).

You lose sales without automatic spell correction

Spell correction has just become a given in a world, where we don't have time to worry whether or not we hit a wrong key on our keyboard or phone.

The same goes for the search experience we expect when visiting your eCommerce store.

...And that is why this must never happen:


As consumers, we are simply not used to encountering empty search results. But make no mistake: we are ruthless, when we do.

As many as 95% of your customers will leave instantly, if they don't find what they search for on your webshop.


Furthermore, a third of your customers will use the onsite search function and these customers are twice as likely to convert as your remaining customers.

Help your customers convert

This means that a tiny typo from your customers can cost your online business dearly.

So, among the many problematic barriers that may keep your customers from converting, a misspelled word should never be one of them...


Never show nothing

But even onsite search functions with the most sophisticated spell correction may struggle if the search query has nothing to do with the products you sell.

And in a situation like this, it's extremely important to always give your customers something to work with.


Your customers can't do anything with an empty page, but by showing results based on parts of the search query or best offers and trending products, you may still be able to convert them.