Having the right design on your product page often defines whether your customers convert or lose interest. This is how you design a product page in 5 steps that makes your customers buy rather than leave.

When your customer reaches a product page on your website, your most important task is to keep him there and convert him.

But one wrong element or missing feature can make your customer head for the hills.

These 5 steps will help you create a product page that makes your customers convert:

1. Keep it clean and tidy


First of all, it needs to be easy for your customer to quickly get an impression of the product he is looking at.

Tempting as it is to clutter your product pages with newsletter banners, a million great offers or links to your social media channels, you really need to think twice.

So, ask yourself (and be honest): Is the information I want to share, also information that my customer is interested in finding on my product pages?

If not, leave it out.

2. Product first. Always.


When your customer enters a product page, he has shown interest in a specific item on your webshop.

So, your finest job is to persuade your customer that the product he has chosen to look at is the perfect one.

A great way to achieve this is by using a big product picture and product headline to make it easy for your customer to get an instant (and positive) impression of the product.

3. Leave no question unanswered

alt Your customer should never have to leave your product page or pick up his phone to get information about the product.

Make it easy for your customer to find all the information he needs regarding your product and services.

A nice touch is to add a timer telling your customer when he needs to place his order to get it shipped that same day.

4. Make it easy to convert


This is of course what it all comes down to on your product pages. Getting your customers to buy the product.

Inserting a visual call-to-cation to the right of the featured product makes it easy for your customer to convert

At this point, you should also consider inserting a power step after the add-to-basket step to increase your average order value.

5. Keep your customer from leaving


Finally, you should display related products and alternatives to keep your customer from leaving if the featured product doesn't catch his interest.

You can choose to place these recommendations to the right of the featured product and below it.

Studies show that the most effective position of your recommendations is to the right of the featured product, as this is where your customer will look first when losing interest.

But deciding where to place related products and alternatives, depends on the featured product:

  • When the featured product is "technical", such as sound equipment or hiking gear, you should place alternatives to the right of the featured product and related products below.

  • When the featured product is "softer", such as clothes and most toys, you should place related products to the right of the featured product and alternatives below.

These are the important aspects to have in mind when designing a product page that makes it easy for your customers to fall in love with the featured (or related) product and convert.