It can be confusing to navigate through the jungle of service providers, when trying to find the one that truly makes a difference for your online business. This is how you can tell apart.

How do you figure out what software truly knocks it out of the park when it comes to boosting your online sales and giving your customers a great shopping experience?

Because truth is that we all tend to give you roughly the same speech about roughly same services that are meant to have roughly the same effect on your online business.

And to you it might sound like this...

So, in an effort to calm Brick down and give you a more clear picture of and our services, here's a brief guide to how you can tell us apart.

1. We come from eCommerce. Just like you.

So, let's go back to the beginning for a moment. Because is founded by this guy down here.


Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard created in 2011 based on his many experiences with eCommerce.

His more than 10 years in this business has given him a lot of insights into online businesses like yours and your customers.

What Hans-Kristian has done since, is to find the rest of us on that photo - a group of people equally passioned about eCommerce.

And the things we do every day at, reflects this passion and knowledge for eCommerce, which also goes for the product we stand behind.

2. We help you give your customers what they want

Fair warning: At times this first part might get a little technical.

But it's also very important, so hang in there.

Our product is basically an intelligent algorithm that keeps track of all your products and customers in real time to determine what each individual visitor on your website is looking for.

Our entire software suite - product recommendations, search and email retention - is built on this core of knowledge.


What truly makes our software an all-in-one solution is that our entire software suite is built on this core of knowledge, which means that it's synchronised to perform as one integrated engine helping your customers.

But what makes this core knowledge engine stand out is actually its ability to cross-analyse all products on your webshop and the behaviour of all your visitors as a whole (instead of as isolated cases).

This enables our software to understand many subtle, but crucial connections between consumer and product that most engines would fail to find.

3. No random recommendations. Like, ever.

To give you an example, let's say you put a new football boot on your webshop.


This boot will have no sales data attached to it yet, which will make most recommendation engines resort to recommending products from the same category or even worse - nothing.

What our knowledge engine will do instead is to match the little data it has on your new football boots with the accumulated knowledge of your customers' shopping behaviour concerning similar products in your webshop.

So, our knowledge engine will know that your new football is pink and made by Nike and it knows what generally sells well with pink football boots from Nike on your webshop.


And by recommending these specific products, our knowledge engine will increase the probability of displaying items that appeal to your individual customer - even when the featured product is a brand new addition to your webshop.

This is then integrated into our search,- recommendation,- and email software so that you can be even more successful at what you do and perhaps even have room for an extra week of you-time.


4. Convert your customers faster and easier

What makes our search engine stand out, is how it ranks search results.

When your customers make a search query, our search engine will recommend them products that are based not only on the semantics of the specific query, but also on the sales- and browsing history of that individual customer.

Our search engine knows what your customers want and it knows how to give it to them, which means that 83% will find what they are looking for in the top 5 results.


5. Guide your customers through your webshop

Your customers only have time to see 1-2% of the products in your store, which makes it crucial that you show them the right 1-2%. Our recommendation software makes sure of that.

This is the reason why orders containing our recommendations have an increased value of 37%. And to take full advantage of this, you should be displaying these recommendations on almost every level of your webshop.

Unlike many software solutions out there, we make this possible. You are simply able to implement personal product recommendations wherever you want on your webshop, such as your front page, category pages, your basket page and the highly profitable power step.


6. Get more of your customers back.

Finally, our email software is designed to give you more time to handle your inventory or perhaps take some of that you-time we talked about.

Oh, and it will increase your sales rates too.

By enabling you to broadcast automated emails tailored to your customers individual needs and interests (such as personalised newsletters and abandoned cart emails), our email software will improve your customer retention, make your working day more efficient and boost your online sales.


The gist of it is that your customers will be much more interested if you send them emails appealing to their interests.

One of our customers actually experienced a 32% increase in the click-through rate by using our personalised email solution.

7. We invest in your business

Now, it's time for you to meet Stefan and Jacob.


Here they are. In their best Summer outfits no less.

And these two are extremely crucial to what we do at

Because their job is to guide and consult you and your developers before, during and after the implementation of our software.

When you choose, we don't just hand you our software with a good luck-note.


We stand ready 5 days a week to support you to make sure that our software is running in accordance to our best practices and generate the projected results.

This is how we can give you a guaranteed 20 x return of investment, but that's not main reason why we put special emphasis on customer care.

We take our responsibility of growing your eCommerce store seriously. If you don't succeed, we won't succeed and that's why Stefan and Jacob play a crucial part in

8. We want to help you succeed

And that is also why we'll strive to constantly inspire you to learn more about your own business and how you can be even more successful in eCommerce.

This is furthermore the reason behind our eBooks and this blog, where we try to share our passion of eCommerce with you on a weekly basis to help you grow your business.

And that's it. We know that it can be difficult to see how we differ from all the other services out there, but hopefully it's a little more clear to you after reading this.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly on