Launching a new business is such an exciting time, and when approached to talk about customer experience strategies we were only too pleased to bounce some ideas around!

Specialising in baby clothing and early childhood equipment, Filur supply their customers with all the essentials for raising a happy, healthy family.


With a product range designed to evolve alongside growing families, Filur were quick to recognise the importance of establishing a lasting bond with customers, and onsite personalisation is at the heart of this.

Our Onboarding Team were on hand to offer advice and inspiration during the implementation stage, and we decided to add a Live Search function to wow customers as soon as they landed on the Home Page.

The Live Search function is strong enough to recognise the potential intent behind the customer's search and suggest matching products, even with just a few letters typed into the search bar.


To strengthen the impact of the Home page even further, a display of the latest 'Best Selling' items and 'Recommended for You' was added and immediately began to impress Filur's customer base.

This is a fantastic way to showcase more of the product range to customers, and allowed Filur to separate themselves from the competition as a business who understands the needs of their client base.


Like so many businesses, Filur used Google Shopping to draw in browsing customers and this comes with a unique set of challenges.

How do you present your products to a customer if they are landing straight onto just one item?


The risk when a customer comes straight onto a specific product page is that, if you fail to impress them immediately, there is the danger that they will leave the site and shop elsewhere.

In a bid to captivate audiences from the moment they land on their product page, we looked at bringing a tailored stream of other products to draw attention to the full product range.

A rolling sequence of 'Related Products' and 'Other Customers also Bought' was added to individual product pages one Friday afternoon, and then we waited for the results to start rolling in.


The results were immediate, and brought exactly what we had hoped for!

In just 4 days, Bounce Rate dropped by 7.3% and Average Time Spent On-Site increased by 25.5% - an incredible difference in such a short space of time.

Such strong figures clearly showed that customers were coming onto the product pages as usual from Google Shopping, but staying on-site to browse for a much longer period of time.


The chances of converting a sale are much stronger with 25.5% more browsing time, and customer satisfaction increased because of the impressive display of products which were highly relevant to their needs.

As we watched with interest, Filur began to see other areas of performance rise as a result of the new changes.

Customers began to browse through the Category pages much more than previously, and site activity rounded out to cover a larger portion of the entire product range.

The only change to site was the addition of's personalised recommendations to the product pages, and we couldn't be happier with the results! are definitely one of the companies that we will be keeping tabs on over the next 12 months, and as the business continues to grow we're anticipating some great results in our 2017 follow up with them - take a look at to see the results in action.

Check out the experiences of other Customers with and we'll be back soon with more Best Practice tips.