In a line up including TripAdvisor, Salesforce and Eataly,’s Country Manager for Italy, Lisa Liberio, will appear as a guest speaker at BE-Wizard’s Digital Marketing Automation conference 15th-16th April 2016.

The digital sphere is constantly evolving, and it can often be a difficult task to keep your finger on the pulse of new developments.

Luckily, conferences such as BE-Wizard’s Digital Marketing Automation provide a helping hand by organising extensive, and highly specialised, training seminars for global e-Commerce experts.

With 50+ guest speakers, including, we anticipate some wonderful insights to arise from the world of e-Commerce as industry leaders share expertise regarding digital innovation along with their vision for the future of e-Tail. are in place at the Be-Wizard Conference 2016

On Saturday,'s very own Lisa Liberio will be focusing on why the use of smart personalisation is vital to keep running a successful business in e-Commerce.

Lisa will specifically address how the appliance of different personalisation strategies and the following improvement of onsite customer experience can help businesses increase sales and their number of returning customers.

Only by focusing on a Human to Human marketing approach with a high emphasis on a personalised experience for all, can businesses around the globe can continue to retain and strengthen their market position in an ever evolving e-Commerce market.

Stay tuned for updates as the conference develops!