Happy customers are the cornerstone of a successful business, and we love to celebrate the fantastic triumphs of our client base!

So join us over the next few months as we bring the many achievements of our much-loved clients into the limelight for a little healthy adoration and hearty congratulations.

The Proof is in the Split-Test

Unisport joined Clerk.io in 2011, forming a partnership which placed the customer at the heart of all shopping interactions.

With a focus on increasing sales conversion rates and customer loyalty, Unisport fine-tuned customer experience at each stage of the shopping journey by applying personalised product recommendations.

The recommendations were placed strategically through the sales process, from home page to checkout, and soon began to pay off!


Unisport put Clerk.io to the test by conducting a like-for-like A/B split test of results as compared to their previous supplier.

Despite being a somewhat nervous wait for the results to come in, Unisport soon discovered that Clerk.io had beaten the predecessor by a whopping 143%!

But we weren't too nervous...of course :)

The analytics dashboard was showing some great results from Unisport's personalisation efforts right from the start.


With such a fantastic achievement for the brand, you can be sure that the benefits are passed directly onto the customer in the form of an enhanced shopping experience.

Read the full case study on Clerk.io's Customer page & do get in touch for more information about optimising your sales efforts.