This year, online shoppers went on a regular Black Friday craze resulting in e-Commerce stores selling like never before. Here are our amazing stats on how customers behaved on one of the biggest online shopping days in history.

While many people concentrated on getting home from work or preparing Thanksgiving dinner on November 27, more people than ever had their minds on the many great offers online.

Statistics from Adobe reveal that online sales during the Thanksgiving weekend surpassed 2014 with no less than 18% in the US.

And for the first time ever, more people did their Black Friday shopping in front of their computer instead of queuing up in front of their favourite brick-and-mortar store.

But although Black Friday is a reasonably new shopping tradition in Europe, we've also been quick to learn how to rock that tradition on our side of the pond. is live on 850 e-Commerce sites in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and the UK. And on Black Friday, we generated more sales for those webshops than on any other day in the history of our company.

Here's our account of the shopping madness on Black Friday:

1. Online sales went through the roof

alt On Black Friday, helped generate more than €4,2 million in revenue for webshops throughout Europe (calculated by monitoring products bought through recommendations).

That is an increase of 610% compared to an average day in November and a 112% increase compared to revenue generated through on Black Friday 2014.

2. Customers were leaving empty shelves


A total of 310.523 products were sold through recommendations on Black Friday.

This is 245% more than the average day in November and 69% more than Black Friday last year.

3. Product prize went up

alt The average value on products sold through on Black Friday was €13,57.

This marks an increase of 106% compared to the average value of products sold on any other day in November and a 26% increase compared to Black Friday 2014.

4. Mountains of packages

alt 60.049 orders with products was packed on Black Friday.

Compared to the average of November that is an increase of no less than 533% while it was a 109% increase in orders compared to Black Friday 2014.

5. More value in every order

alt The average value on orders containing recommendations was €70,15 on Black Friday.

This is a 12% increase when looking at the general sales statistics of November. Compared to Black Friday 2015, however, it is only an increase of 1,5%

So, not only has Black Friday been a record-breaking year in the US. The statistics above indicate that European consumers have also embraced Black Friday like never before - online as well as offline.