You don't have to be Amazon or win a prize to make the news with your e-Commerce store. Here is the second part of your guide on how to do PR for your online business.

There are many ways to get PR for your e-Commerce store, but common for most of them is that you get furthest by thinking creatively.

In fact, by presenting a journalist with something truly original and relevant, you are halfway to the finish line.

That being said, you don't (necessarily) need to transform into Don Draper to get the attention of the media.

Here are 9 strategies that online businesses have used to successfully get PR for their businesses:

1. The startup story

This a story that appeals to a lot of readers and therefore a lot of journalists - the tale of a new business beating the odds by establishing itself and giving the household names a run for their money.


This is the approach that used with success to get their startup story in The Washington Post - their main angle being how well they retain their customers.

Consider: What is the unique PR selling point of your startup story? Take it, perfect it and pitch it.

2. The growth story

Growth stories are interesting particularly for business media, because every business owner is looking for the recipe to (lasting) success.


So if you have a story of growth and success to tell - just as the Danish e-Commerce site Lomax - then consider the PR opportunities this opens up for you.

Consider: What is the main key to your growth? This is the angle that a journalist is likely to be looking for.

3. The product story

It almost seems too obvious, but don't underestimate the value of selling a great product.


Online magazines and blogs in particular can be very interested in these stories, because they make a great guide for their core readers - the online shoppers.

Consider: What magazines and blogs are writing about your industry? Great research is an important first step in getting your story out there.

4. The event story

Are you hosting a funny sales event for your VIP customers or doing something special for Black Friday?

If the event is original or big enough, it might just prove to be your next PR story.


That was the case for the e-Commerce giant Alibaba as they made something special out of Singles Day - a big online shopping day in China.

Consider: How can you create an event that differentiates itself from what all the others are doing? Standing out from the many (in the good way) is a great way to attract interest.

5. The customer story

After all, these are the ones that it all comes down to in the end.

And a story of how your business goes above and beyond for your customers or sets a consumer trend, is often a sexy PR angle.


The American webshop Harry's selling male grooming products managed to get such a story on the Huffington Post Blog because they inspire men to shop online.

Consider: Do you make a big difference for your customers or affect shopping trends? Then you might have an interesting story - perhaps not for a national media, but a respected blog can also be a great channel for PR.

6. The numbers story

It's right there. You are sitting on megabytes of potentially interesting data on shopping behaviour that might be gold for a PR story.


The Danish webshop Sinful selling adult toys used this data from their store to elect the most sexy city in Denmark.

Consider: Make yourself a good cup of coffee and try to look at your customer data from a fresh perspective. Is there a creative angle in there that you could use for PR? I bet there is...

7. The human interest story

This is a classic angle, because it sells papers.

We love reading about people, who have achieved something out of the ordinary.


An example of this is the story of 17-year old Cecilie Villadsen, who is generating millions in revenue from her own webshop Americandreams.

Consider: Think of yourself as the story for a moment. What is the most interesting angle and is it relevant to pitch it to a journalist?

8. The expansion story

Are you entering a new market or perhaps opening a brick-and-mortar store?

Expansion is always a good angle to a potential news story.


When the Danish webshop Unisport opened their new flagship store in central Copenhagen, they received extensive media coverage - especially because they had an innovative way of incorporating their online world into the physical one.

Consider: How can you spin an expansion to make it newsworthy? Trying new markets or new platforms can be interesting news for the right media - especially city guides that bring stories on new shopping opportunities.

9. The meta story

Granted, this angle is one of the more complex.

But there are nevertheless endless examples of PR breeding PR. Once your business gets the attention of the media, you can simply ride the wave, so to speak.


One example of this is the owners behind the webshop made4men, who participated in the Danish TV show "Løvens Hule" (The Lion's Cave red.) and got spin-off news coverage from this experience.

So there are number of ways to get PR for your e-Commerce business.

Only you can decide what angle is relevant to pursue for your business, but looking at the 9 strategies above, it's still possible to conclude that a successful PR story often takes one of the following forms:

  • A story of growth and success
  • A story about people
  • A story that inspires and enlightens

Aside from these characteristics, there are a number of other keys to selling your story, which you can read more about in part 1 of our e-Commerce PR Guide.

That's it. Now, go out there and find your inner PR professional. Happy pitching :-)