Adopting a few email tactics for your eCommerce business can help you optimise the performance of your newsletters by making more of your customers click through and convert.

Email marketing is a great source of income for most online businesses. In fact, statistics indicate that emails account for more than 7% of the total revenue generated on webshops.

That makes it important for you to consider what small changes you can apply to improve your newsletters and get more of your customers back to your webshop more often. Here are 8 suggestions:

1. Spice up your subject lines

It might sound like a stupid little detail, but you know what they say - that is where the devil is.

Your newsletter might include the best offer your customers will ever see - but a unimaginative subject line can ruin your chances of even presenting that offer to your customers.

On the other hand: a catchy subject line can be what makes customers open your email rather than the hundreds of other offers they receive every week.

Also, personalising the subject line is a great way to make customers respond to your newsletter - statistics show that such emails have a 26% higher unique open rate on average.

2. Use discount vouchers

alt Give your customers an extra good incentive to return to your store by offering them a discount.

You can use this to welcome new subscribers to your newsletter flow (as done here by or to retain customers, who've been away for a long time.

3. Insert tailored recommendations

alt Make your customers feel special.

This is basically one of your finest jobs as an eTailer, as it will make more of those customers convert and come back.

Inserting personal product recommendations into your newsletters is a great way to achieve this.

...And why send all your customers the same content and pray for the best, when you can appeal to their individual interests and needs?

4. Make limited offers

alt Great offers on products is a classic trick to get customers to respond to your newsletters.

But sometimes classic is exactly what you need to make a difference.

When sending your customers great offers, then remember to give them a good reason to shop now rather than later.

You can do this by letting your customers know that there's a limited stock or that the offer expires at a certain date or time of day.

5. Utilize your content

alt You probably have a number of guides, videos, product reviews or PR stories lying around that can give your customers input on products you sell or how they can use/maintain them.

So why not use this content to make your newsletters more interesting?

A guide on how to clean red wine stains off a white shirt can be very useful to your customers if you are in the apparel industry... And it might be all those customers need to return to your webshop...

6. Use creative gimmicks

alt Thinking outside the box often pays off. has done this by inserting a search field in their newsletter with a blinking text cursor.

Make no mistake - you can't search directly from their newsletter, but most people (including me) will get curious enough to click on the banner from where they are taken to their search page.

Simple, but brilliant.

7. Time your newsletters right

alt Sending your customers newsletters at the specific times of week when they are in front of their computers can have a large bearing on your conversion rates.

And even though statistics show that you get the highest email open rates during the weekend, it's always a good idea to do your own homework.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that complicated. Just split test by sending out newsletters over different days of the week to find the golden time period, where the majority of your customers open their email.

8. Send out often (but not too often)

alt Yes, many statistics will tell you that the number of customers unsubscribing from your newsletter increases proportionally with the number of emails you send.

And while that may be true, our experience is that these unsubscribers are those, who weren't likely to return as customers anyway.

Of course you need to find the right mail flow to avoid spamming your customers, but don't be afraid to send out newsletters frequently - at least during peak seasons, where you have a lot of relevant content for your customers.

Remember that a majority of your newsletters are likely to find your customers when they aren't interested or perhaps too busy to notice.

So by increasing the email frequency, you also increase your chances of appearing in your customers' inbox in that very moment when they actually need a new rain coat or whatever you sell.

Not of all of the tips above will be relevant in your case, but hopefully a few of them will help you get more out of your newsletters.