A lot can be done to make your customers buy that extra product they didn't know they needed. Here are 5 strategies that will make you the master of upselling.

Behind every successful brick-and-mortar store is a sales clerk, who knows how to make every customer buy a little extra - be it a better cable for the new television or a scarf that matches the dress.

But upselling is not just a crucial artform in the physical world of commerce.

Because knowing how to best upsell customers in your e-Commerce store, can make the entire difference between running an online business that does okay and one that leaves the competition behind wondering what happened.

So, here's 5 ways to upsell more customers once they've landed in your webshop:

1. Use gifts

alt Who doesn't love to open a parcel and find a free product?

Presents give customers a great incentive to convert and perhaps buy a little more than expected to make sure they qualify for that free product.

Danish webshop Lomax exploits this expertly by giving away free gifts of different sizes when customers buy products for a minimum of $73 and $218 respectively.

2. Use the possibility of free shipping

alt No one likes to pay shipping costs if they can avoid it.

And Elekcig.dk has taken advantage of this by creating a bar that smartly illustrates how much their customers need to buy to get free shipping.

This trick is particularly effective, because the bar is followed by a slider of relevant product recommendations that makes it easy for the customer to increase the order value and eliminate shipping costs.

3. Use a power step

alt Yes, I know we've mentioned the power step more than just a few times on this blog already, but it really is a great little feature.

Giving your customers relevant product recommendations when they place a product in their basket is one of the most effective ways to up-sell, because it makes it effortless for these customers to add an extra product to their basket before checking out.

The power step can be an entire page or just a pop-up, as used in this example by MyProtein.

4. Use check-out offers

alt Just as you probably consider buying chocolates and other temptations by the exit at your Supermarket from time to time, your customers will do the same in your online store.

In fact, inserting check-out offers on the basket page - as done here by Med24 - can generate as much as 7% of the onsite revenue in your webshop.

5. Use "bundle offers"


9 out of 10 times, your customers will appreciate when you try to help them simplify their shopping experience.

And what better way to do this than by recommending not just a pair of pants, but an entire outfit that can be bought with just a single click of the mouse?

Birdsnest have done this by putting together complete outfits for different occasions to make the shopping experience as simple and quick as possible for their customers (while maximising the value of every order, of course).

Adopting one or several of the upselling tricks above, will get you off to a good start boosting the average order value of your e-Commerce store.

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