The power step can generate as much as 10% of your total revenue. Here are the 3 steps to design an effective power step for your eCommerce store.

Companies such as Amazon rely heavily on the power step to increase their average order value by helping customers find relevant products they didn't know was there.

Here are the 3 steps you need to include to design a power step that will give your customers a better shopping experience and help boost the revenue of your webshop:


Let's break that down.

1. Compliment your customer's action

alt When you pick out a shirt in an apparel store, the good sales assistant will always compliment your choice.

And that's also the first thing you need to do on your power step. Use text and a green tick to give your customer a clear and positive confirmation that the products is placed safely in his basket.

It's basic sales psychology, but it works. By making your customer feel good about choosing out a specific item, you increase the likelihood of him completing his order.

2. Make it easy for your customer to proceed

alt Not all customers want to keep shopping.

And your power step must never be a hindrance that keeps your customer from converting, as this can botch your sale altogether.

That is why you need to insert a big button on the top of your power step making it as easy as pie for your customer to proceed directly to check-out.

3. Up-sell your customer


If your customer stays on the power step despite being presented with the option of checking out, it could mean that he is hungry for more.

This is where you insert sliders of product recommendations to inspire your customer to keep shopping.

Recommendations to include could be:

  • Items related to the contents of the basket
  • Items relevant in connection to the sales- and browsing history of the individual customer
  • Items that other customers bought or looked at
  • Most popular products
  • Best offers

Those are your 3 steps to design a profitable power step for your eCommerce store.